Digital Printing

On-Demand Printing

Today we expect printed materials to be as accurate and up-to-date as information downloaded from the Internet or received via email. Variable digital print gives you cost-effective, high-quality, short-run color printing in the tightest imaginable timeframes with all the customization you can imagine.

Digital print technology allows the control and flexibility to print the exact quantities of materials you need when you need it. These materials can be frequently updated as markets, regulations, and products change, ensuring that collateral stays current and preventing the costly waste of discarding obsolete materials.

With FCi’s powerful digital technology, the text, images, length, and format on every piece printed can change based on the information from your database. This level of customization creates compelling offers that appeal to individual buyers’ needs and purchase patterns, generating amazing response rates and sales increases.

We have the expertise to develop, print, finish, and distribute highly personalized 1:1 marketing materials, quickly and cost-effectively. This allows you to create and maintain more relevant marketing relationships with your customer and allows you to grow your customer base with better response rates and improved results for your marketing efforts.

  • Personalized, relevant targeted materials yielding better results
  • Decreased obsolescence and zero waste
  • Reduced warehouse and inventory costs
  • Lightning-fast turn times so you can make last-minute decisions
  • Easy to update print with changes and revisions
  • Customized sales brochures with variable pricing and product information
  • Customized solicitations with specific age and contribution amounts
  • Billing for services with customized data including customer data, account data, and payment information
  • Xerox iGen 5 Digital Press (2)
  • Xerox Nuvera 144EA B/W (3)
  • VideoJet 4320 System
  • Capability to print up to 14.33” x 20.5”