Our Team

Jackson C. Mullins
Chief Ambassador

FCi’s Chief Ambassador and Owner, Jack Mullins, a Veteran with over 40 years of experience in the management of the fulfillment and direct marketing industry, established FCi in 1988. Jack’s dedication and expertise have provided FCi with over 25 years of industry-leading success.

Brian Thompson

With 29 years experience in direct mail fulfillment and commercial printing, Brian is currently responsible for overseeing FCi’s daily sales and operations. Prior to FCi, Brian managed a direct mail operation for a commercial printer in the Louisville area.

The Can-Do Crew

While you are likely to first meet a member of our leadership team, the success that we will bring to you is tied directly to the commitment, dedication, and aspiration of our Can-Do Crew – the FCi employees. In our highly-connected workplace, each FCi employee is empowered to constantly and creatively search for new ways to make your fulfillment needs run faster, more accurately, and with more cost efficiency. It is the Can-Do Crew that truly separates us from our competitors, and provides the high performance, on-time delivery, and exceptional customer satisfaction that will delight you.