Case Studies

Chances are, you have seen an explanation of FCi's services and a list of our satisfied clients. Here are some concrete, real-world examples of how FCi has solved problems, brought resolution to a corporate challenge, and become a successful partner with companies who have had genuine business pains.

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is a rapidly-growing national chain of steak restaurants. Nine years after their first restaurant opening, Texas Roadhouse was having difficulties maintaining brand consistency and identity, providing marketing materials nationwide, and keeping employees informed of all the corporate happenings. Some local store managers were going "off line" to produce their own point-of-purchase materials, jeopardizing the Texas Roadhouse branding. They were looking for a partner that would be able to provide convenient one-source ordering for marketing materials, simplify corporate communications, and deliver cost savings. With FCi, the eleven-year partnership just keeps making things easier.


NaviSource Solutions Group creates strategic expense solutions designed to help companies reduce their cost of doing business. 30 credit unions nationwide utilize NaviSource's solution of software and purchasing services, entering orders that need to be fulfilled. NaviSource needed to find a product fulfillment partner that could provide on-time nationwide shipping, more accurate packing, order tracking, and reporting. FCi provided solutions to all of those needs, all at a substantial cost savings.

Connections Academy

Connections Academy is a nationally accredited and award-winning online K-12 school. They send books and other educational materials all across the nation to their students, and needed to streamline and improve the process while having access to powerful reporting to inform business development. They were looking for a fulfillment partner that would provide cost savings, speed delivery, reduce errors, and bring innovative ideas for further growth. What they found with FCi was over a quarter of a million dollars in annual savings.