Connections Academy
Case Study

Connections Academy is a nationally accredited and award-winning online K-12 school that offers a tuition-free public education in 26 states, and an affordable private school education nationwide. The online public schools are run in consult with state education officials, leading education publishers, and curriculum experts, ensuring that the program meets the highest accreditation standards in every state they serve. The online private schools are accredited college-preparatory K–12 schools, available to students everywhere.

Connections Academy sends books and other educational materials all across the nation to their students, and needed to streamline and improve the process while having access to powerful reporting to inform business development.

They were looking for a fulfillment partner that would provide cost savings, speed delivery, reduce errors, and bring innovative ideas for further growth.

The Challenge

This client was having fulfillment requirements managed by a commercial printer. The poor technology and minimal reporting made it difficult for the printer to communicate standard information required to successfully run their business.

Why FCi?

FCi possesses both the expertise and ability to handle their national growth and meet and exceed all reporting requirements.

The Solution

FCi centralized the order management systems, integrating the client's website and our back-end system, saving both long-term costs and people hours. Custom, real-time reporting was developed, allowing our client to access information 24/7.

The Result

The improvements implemented by FCi allowed for quicker delivery of materials; reduced handling errors, shipping costs, and labor hours; a tighter inventory control; and integrated data collection. Connections Academy also has all the reporting required to successfully grow their business, and has calculated an annual hard dollar savings of nearly $300,000.