Texas Roadhouse
Case Study

Texas Roadhouse is a national chain of steak restaurants with the goal of giving families a place to go for great food and good times at a fantastic price. But, nine years after their first restaurant opening, Texas Roadhouse realized that it was difficult wrangling a rapidly growing company. Maintaining brand consistency and identity, providing marketing materials nationwide, and keeping employees (or "Roadies" as they are called) informed of all the corporate happenings was becoming problematic. Some local store managers were going "off line" to produce their own point-of-purchase materials, jeopardizing the Texas Roadhouse branding.

They were looking for a fulfillment partner that would be able to consolidate marketing materials, delivering cost savings and innovative ideas, while providing one-source ordering for all Roadies.

“The FCI Interactive Team combines substantial industry knowledge with an amazing ability to tackle any project with little direction. They go above and beyond to create a true partnership and to fully understand our business…then create a product that not only exceeds expectations, but accomplishes our ultimate objectives.” Communications Director, Texas Roadhouse, Inc.

The Challenge

Texas Roadhouse stored inventory at multiple locations throughout the Midwest Region, and had no simple way for Roadies to order the needed materials. As a result, duplicate items were being stored at multiple warehouses, and Roadies were producing their own marketing materials, diluting the brand.

Why FCi?

With an in-house interactive department and experienced fulfillment staff, FCi was uniquely able to centralize all Texas Roadhouse needs, providing easy access to corporate communications and materials.

The Solution

FCi consolidated the inventory of all the vendors, bringing all materials under one roof in Louisville, Kentucky. We then created an easy-to-use website that would allow Texas Roadhouse employees to order any corporate materials online. This employee intranet site became known as TRH Family, and also allowed for the entire TRH community to interact through job postings, employee training, message boards, events, etc.

Additional intranet micro sites have also been created, to provide information on specific issues. Andy’s Outreach was created as a donation-based emergency fund for employees. A post-conference site contains highlights and summaries from the annual convention, and Living Legends is an employee recognition program.

The Result

Texas Roadhouse now benefits from brand consistency while local restaurant management loves the ease of ordering materials and keeping up-to-date on all things Texas Roadhouse.

Since beginning their partnership with FCi in 2002, Texas Roadhouse has enjoyed extensive hard dollar cost savings. The sites are innovative ways to engage employees and management and to give back to the Roadies. FCi has participated in innovatively creating and customizing websites and fulfillment solutions for Texas Roadhouse and continues enhancing, updating, and creating new ideas within the partnership.

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