NaviSource Solutions Group creates strategic expense solutions designed to help companies reduce their cost of doing business. They analyze spending, negotiate, collaborate, and manage suppliers. 30 credit unions nationwide utilize NaviSource's solution of software and purchasing services. When credit unions log into the NaviSource platform, they enter orders that need to be fulfilled.

NaviSource needed to find a product fulfillment partner that could provide on-time nationwide shipping, more accurate packing, order tracking, and reporting- all at a cost savings.

The Challenge

NaviSource’s facility was not utilizing an inventory and order management system, making it difficult to obtain accurate fulfillment information. They also required a partner with East Coast and West Coast facilities to provide guaranteed three-day ground shipping to all customers while at the same time reducing their shipping costs.

Why FCi?

FCi has two perfectly situated fulfillment centers, so 100% of the Navisource customer base can be reached within three days of placing an order. FCi was also able to provide accurate and immediate order tracking and reporting.

The Solution

FCi utilized the West Coast facility for the 14 West Coast credit unions and the East Coast facility for the 16 Mid West and East Coast credit unions so three-day ground shipping requirements could be met. Accurate pick, pack, and shipping was achieved in both facilities, and NaviSource's order tracking and reporting was vastly improved.

The Result

Navisource received everything they wanted – meeting the shipping time requirements for ground delivery, improving accuracy of shipping, order tracking, and reporting, all while creating significant shipping savings for the company.